Nell Foxworth



Nell has earned her a USDF bronze, silver and gold medals. She was also a four-time member of the Region 5 NAYRC team with her horse Rafal. Nell and Rafal have been together for 15 years.

"I am always inspired and excited by the learning process of the horse and rider. I love watching the learning process and it's very satisfying to see my students acheive their goals. My goals for my students are individualized and are based on having fun and being safe with their horse whether or not they ride in competition".  - Nell
























Nell and Reverie at the

Paragon Dressage Show August, 2007








Nell and Reverie in a victory lap

 at Championships 2007.



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Here is what Nell's students have to say about her:


     As my horse and I are primarily a jumper horse and rider combination, Nell tailored her training and teaching skills to focus on what was important and lacking in both my horse's movements and my riding position.  Nell was aware of my goals and my horse's different talents and she applied her training, teaching and riding abilities in a very unique way with the results being a supple, happy horse who is jumping better than ever. 

- Vicki


     I enjoy riding with Nell because of her ability to focus on details without losing sight of the big picture. Let's not forget keeping it fun at the same time!

- Maureen


     Nell is an excellent trainer and teacher.  I was new to dressage riding and had had an accident on a horse several years prior to riding with Nell.  Nell has enabled me to get over my fear with gentle but encouraging teaching.  She praises me when I have done well which keeps me motivated to continue.  I look forward to my lessons because they are fun.  We laugh together when I do something that's not exactly what I should be doing.  Nell has stuck with me through sick and injured horses, encouraging me to keep on learning no matter what obstacle I encounter

- Julie


     I have enjoyed watching Nell ride ever since she came to Singletree.  As a rider and trainer, she has a high level of sensitivity for what will bring out the best in a horse.  As a teacher, Nell is kind when she needs to be kind, and tough when she needs to be tough.  She is tremendously supportive of all her students and is a real joy to have at the barn.

- Christi












Nell coaching one of her younger students at a show.



Last minute pep talk...



To contact Nell for lessons or training, send an email to